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Our Legacy.

As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of DPR, we reflect on our legacy, assess our current strengths and set the vision for our future. Established in 1974 by four Landscape Architects, DPR has grown into a multi-disciplinary firm offering design services in the Southeast from Washington DC to Florida. In the early 1980s, DPR was the first local design firm to incorporate landscape architecture and civil engineering to provide comprehensive land development services for our clients. This pioneering multi-disciplinary approach is now a standard in the land development industry. Today, many firms and professionals in the region can trace their roots to DPR.  More...

Lee McLaren, a founding partner of DPR, is the first, and currently only, Landscape Architect in the Charlotte region to be recognized as a Fellow by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Through Lee’s stewardship, DPR’s voice can be heard in the land use policies which have shaped land development in the Charlotte region. Lee remains an essential presence as a Founder and mentor within the company.

2018 marked a new chapter at DPR as Hy Nguyen (aka H.Y.) became the newest President of our firm. Hy embodies the American Dream and is a self-proclaimed “green engineer”. Hy joined DPR after graduating from UNC-Charlotte in 1999 and has been a driving force since. This internal transition of leadership establishes new potential and a bright future while maintaining the culture, legacy and values that have long personified Charlotte’s oldest landscape architecture firm. Today, DPR continues to grow and evolve to meet new challenges within the industry, while our focus remains on design excellence, exceptional customer service and building long-term relationships. 

“For over 45 years, we have had a significant role in making the Charlotte area a vibrant and attractive place to live, work, and play. DPR’s impacts can be seen in every corner of the Charlotte region.”

Dpr Design is excited to have moved to Station West in 2021.  Our new home is an innovative adaptive re-use space in Charlotte’s surging FreeMoreWest and a reflection of our continued evolution since our founding in 1974. More...

We are conveniently located within 1.5 miles to Charlotte Uptown, with easy access to I-277, I-77, and I-85. We are also within biking distance to the Carolina Panthers stadium, Charlotte Knights stadium, and Charlotte Hornets arena.

At its start, Dpr’s first office was located on Providence Road, in historic Myers park, Charlotte. In 1980, to accommodate a growing staff, Dpr acquired and renovated a former 7th Street residence in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood.  As the firm continued to grow, Dpr again moved to 420 Hawthorne Lane in 1997 and remained there until 2021.

DPR's first office, 1974-1980.
TD working at his outdoor office.
Lee & TD with their Certificate of Excellence from HBAC
Lee at DPR's first office.


Through a collaborative approach and creative planning and design, DPR creates places and spaces with human scale, aesthetic quality and lasting environmental integrity – places that last for generations.  In doing so, DPR and the Team have earned the following recognitions and awards:

2017 Premier Trade Partner by MI Homes of Charlotte
Allen Mills Community, Concord NC

ASLA Council of Fellows Inductee- 2007
Lee R. McLaren, FASLA


North Carolina Award – 2004
Lee R. McLaren, FASLA

NCASLA Honor Award- 2002
Citiside Mixed Use Community – Mulvaney, Charlotte NC

NCASLA Merit Award- 2000
Providence Place Townhome Community – Evans Construction Co, Charlotte NC

President’s Council Award- 2000
Thomas D. Duggins, ASLA

Best In America Living Award by PBM & NAHB- 2000
Ashley Ridge Community – REECH, LLC, Charlotte NC

NCASLA Merit Award- 1995
ChildrenFirst Learning Center at Arboretum, Charlotte NC

ASLA Merit Award- 1991
Landscape-Wildlife Management Plan at Sandoz Chemicals Corporation, Mount Holly NC

Charlotte Beautification Committee Award – 1990
Master Landscape & Irrigation & CDs for Coliseum Center Ph1 – Crescent Resources, Charlotte NC

National Home Builders Association – Builder Magazine Award – 1986
Harborwatch Townhomes, Mecklenburg County NC

NCLA Merit Award for Design Excellence- 1975
Maple Ridge Condominiums – Slate Stones Hills, Inc, Asheville NC

Charlotte Tree Commission Awards 
Giverny Single Residential Development

Whitehall Duplex and Single Residential Development

Reddman Square Mixed Use, Retail Shopping Center

1981 Announcement
1981 Announcement
Anne and Beth having fun at the office.
Anne and Beth having fun at the office.
TD feeding DPR's "Mascot Squirrel", Biff.
TD feeding DPR's "Mascot Squirrel", Biff.
Lee & Hy in 2003.
Lee & Hy in 2003.

DPR Mascot – “Biff” The Squirrel

“In 1978, one of DPR’s founding partners brought a cardboard box containing something mysterious into the reception area. In the box was a tiny, orphaned squirrel he named Biff.   More...

Staff took turns taking Biff home and bringing him back during the work week. Biff thrived and lived in DPR’s screened back porch. A door was cut through the screen to the outside, complete with a perch. Biff would wait outside the window in the mornings to be let in. At times he would sit on the office assistant’s shoulders as she typed. Fed on pecans and other special treats, life was pretty good. Biff was cute but grew into a wild teenager. Tossing dirt everywhere, he dug up every plant in the office to bury his treasures and was known to run up the pant legs of unsuspecting visitors. He did his part to make the office a lively place. Fortunately, Biff’s attentions soon turned to the outside world as he realized the employees of DPR were not squirrels. He visited DPR less and less in favor of chasing girl squirrels and enjoying the great outdoors. Biff still lives in our hearts, stories, and pictures.”  Courtesy of Beth Reath