Tom Duggins

Founder – Emeritus Loves sailing, scuba diving, and snow skiing Bucket List: get rid of stuff, travel a lot more, volunteer for charity causes Best advice: “The choices you make determine the choices you have!”

Lucas Wassam

Favorite time of the year is Christmas morning with my wife and 5 kids Love baseball, Legos (without a doubt), and New Rock Revolt Oldest thing in fridge is probably eggs (we raise chickens)

Christopher Davis

Motto in life: “Do what makes you happy” Favorite family tradition is going on vacation each year to a new place Love fishing, traveling, and Dreamville Festival

Adam Fifield

Best concert ever was New Found Glory I can drive stick shift with one leg On the bucket list: Travel to Ireland, Fly a plane, Sail Around the World

Terry Winne

Best pet: my Maci girl (A neurotic Siberian Husky Mix). Would love to be IT savvy My favorite family tradition is giving my kids 1 gift to open on Christmas Eve.

Mark Diamond

Bucket list: Australia, Stanley Cup Finals Game, Super Bowl, Human Flight Love Disc Golf, Woodworking, Legos, and Going to Work. Thanksgiving is my favorite family tradition.

Kate Olsen

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”: that was my first job at the beach. I plan to visit Greece, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and go on a cross-country road trip. In my alternate life, I am a chef who speaks Italian.

Justin Maxwell

My newfound talent: Diaper changing and lovin’ it! Bucket list: Visit all 7 continents, then bungee jump and wind surf in each. I’m 100% passionate about “Place Making”, (though when I have a spare minute, I am “practicing” to become a sommelier).

James McGivern

My best pet was a border collie named Alfredo!  Wow, was he the best. Bucket list:  Own a sailboat and sail into the harbor of Nice, France, with my wife! Best concert: Pink Floyd in Pittsburgh, PA.

Greg Emery

Best family tradition is Christmas in Chicago My passion are Family and Disc Golf (in that order, I swear) Bucket list: Learn to play guitar while skydiving, visit Italy (Venice), design a disc golf course.