Tom Duggins

Founder – Emeritus Loves sailing, scuba diving, and snow skiing Bucket List: get rid of stuff, travel a lot more, volunteer for charity causes Best advice: “The choices you make determine the choices you have!”

Lucas Wassam

Favorite time of the year is Christmas morning with my wife and 5 kids Love baseball, Legos (without a doubt), and New Rock Revolt Oldest thing in fridge is probably eggs (we raise chickens)

Christopher Davis

Motto in life: “Do what makes you happy” Favorite family tradition is going on vacation each year to a new place Love fishing, traveling, and Dreamville Festival

Adam Fifield

Best concert ever was New Found Glory I can drive stick shift with one leg On the bucket list: Travel to Ireland, Fly a plane, Sail Around the World

Terry Winne

Best pet: my Maci girl (A neurotic Siberian Husky Mix). Would love to be IT savvy My favorite family tradition is giving my kids 1 gift to open on Christmas Eve.

Kate Olsen

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”: that was my first job at the beach. I plan to visit Greece, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and go on a cross-country road trip. In my alternate life, I am a chef who speaks Italian.

Justin Maxwell

My newfound talent: Diaper changing and lovin’ it! Bucket list: Visit all 7 continents, then bungee jump and wind surf in each. I’m 100% passionate about “Place Making”, (though when I have a spare minute, I am “practicing” to become a sommelier).

James McGivern

My best pet was a border collie named Alfredo!  Wow, was he the best. Bucket list:  Own a sailboat and sail into the harbor of Nice, France, with my wife! Best concert: Pink Floyd in Pittsburgh, PA.

Chad Michelini

My favorite childhood toy was a pile of concrete blocks that I made into the “Thundercats Lair” My dream concert would be my own, where I play my music, for 100,000 people. Best advice given: “Happy wife. Happy life.”

Ben Lawrence

My bucket list: Skydiving, Learn another language, Visit Europe My passion: Faith, Family, and my sports teams. Best advice given: “You are who you are when nobody is looking”