Hebron Thoroughfare Extension

Project Facts
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Client: City of Charlotte + Carmel Financial Group
  • Thoroughfare Extension
  • Municipal + Transportation
The Story

DPR designed the portion of Hebron Street between Nations Ford Rd. and Arrowood Rd. The work included the intersections at Arrowood Rd and Nations Ford Rd with widening and turn lanes on the existing streets. This portion of Hebron is a three-lane minor thoroughfare street, designed to carry high volumes of traffic. The project was a joint venture between the City of Charlotte and the owner of the adjoining property.

DPR also designed a large public water line that was built in conjunction with the thoroughfare extension.

The widening of Arrowood required extensive revisions to an existing 16” concrete-encased steel water main. DPR devised an unconventional method of lowering and relocating the water line, allowing it to remain in use – saving considerable cost and reducing construction time.

The cost of the completed street was considerably below City estimates for the work.