UNC-Charlotte Van Landingham Glen Stormwater Analysis

Project Facts
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Client: UNC-Charlotte
  • Institutional, Stormwater
The Story

This partially managed wooded natural glen within the UNC-Charlotte campus is regarded as a signature botanical garden of considerable public value. It is centered on a first order intermittent tributary with current numerous eroded beds and banks and is under increased stress of high stormwater runoff volume. DPR recognized the University’s need to achieve a cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution to minimize, to an extent practical, the degradation of the stream going through Glen, resulting from the campus’s strong growth and increased built-upon areas over the years.

A preliminary engineering study completed with findings, conclusions, recommendations, and cost estimates was furnished. DPR proposed a conceptual design of a storm water detention/retention system to help release runoff rates over a longer time at a lower rate, and recommendations of minor revisions to the stream to achieve stabilization.

Design Team: DPR, HARP
Work Date: February 2005 – June 2005