Huntley Glenn

Project Facts
  • Location: Pineville, Mecklenburg Co, NC
  • Developer: Carolina Development Services
  • Builder: True Homes
  • Site Area: 101 Acres
  • Neighborhoods + Communities
The Story

This Pineville, NC community consists of 230 homesites, with 172 detached single residential lots and 58 attached townhomes.  53% of the site (54 acres) was preserved as common open space. Included in this open space were 33 acres of saved trees, 17 acres of land dedicated to greenways, a restored fishing pond, pocket parks, a community garden area, and walking trails. The open space affords residents access to the beautiful scenery of Lower Little Sugar Creek and allowed the site to be developed under the low-density option for water quality purposes.

Other technical design keys include: 1 Pump Station and over 1 mile of forcemain extension along Dorman Road, floodplain impact analysis.

This site is featured as one of our key case studies in our “Sustainable Site Design: The Importance of Getting to Know Your Site” presentation at the ASCE Southern Branch Meeting in July 2018.  Guided by our design philosophy in approaching the site analysis thoroughly, and in focusing in the “Three Clients” (One who is paying us, One who is the end-user, and the Environment) and the “Three Sustainable Design Legs” (Social, Economic, Environmental), we came up with a sensible layout that is more suitable to the existing site topography and natural features (compared to an original plan prepared by others).  As a result, the overall value added for the developer is estimated in excess of $2,000,000.