Vien Quang Monastary

Project Facts

Clover, SC

World Vietnamese Buddhist Order

22.5 Acres

Master Planning, Institutional

The Story

“Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Every Life”

Vien Quang Monastery is a Buddhist monastery.  The aim of the monastery is to promote and propagate the teaching of Lord Buddha and carry on activities in the field of cultural, educational, and social services according to his teaching.

The proposed Monastery consists of 22.5 acres with facilities for religious studies, reading cottages, areas for walking trails and quiet reflection.  The development will include one main “Hall of Worship” building, several accessory facilities, related parking areas, various outdoor religious displays, meditation arbors, and a network of walking trails, all nestled in the beautiful woods of Clover, SC.

The Monastery development emphasizes  the harmony between the religious features and the existing surroundings.  Most existing natural elements such as land topography, trees, ponds, and creek will remain undisturbed and unchanged.  The proposed facilities and features present an air of a zen park and would contribute to the healthy growth of the neighborhood, Town, and County.

Credits: Images are from Vien Quang Monastery website with VQM permission.